Restoic Achieves 400+ Downloads Within First Month

Restoic is an athlete wellness platform created to guide athletes through the latest principles of sport psychology. Offering three different products: the Restoic App, Digital Coaching, and Restoic for Teams, which includes a custom online dashboard. Each component is designed to enhance athletes’ personal performance, focusing on the five most fundamental psychological skills that are crucial to both mental and physical success.

To help Restoic successfully launch their mobile app, the first thing we did was a full audit of everything the company had online (e.g. Website, App, Social Media, Email Marketing, etc.). Our goal was to collect data and get the app into as many phones as possible so we needed to start strong. We already had a good understanding of the brand’s language and also what works for their audience from past projects. What we wanted was something that: “speaks” their language, is highly targeted, clearly explains what the app does, and showcases what makes it different. We ended up with an amazing collection of ads that checked all of the boxes.

How we did it?

  • In-depth target audience analysis
  • Website optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Ongoing campaign optimization


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